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Black Rock Sailing School

Course Policies


In order to receive a full refund (minus a $95.00 processing fee), you must cancel your ASA course registration at least TWENTY ONE DAYS prior to the start of the course.

No refunds will be given within the twenty one day period prior to your course, unless we can fill your spot(s) with someone from a waiting list.

All book packages and costs associated with book packages (i.e. mailing, sales tax, etc.) are non-refundable once they have been shipped.

All Caribbean winter liveaboard courses are NON-refundable once booked.  We highly recommend trip insurance!

No show/missed day(s):

If a student does not show or misses a day(s), BRSS has no obligation to make special accommodations or to provide a refund.  However, BRSS will allow the student to make up the day(s) for free, only when space is available in a future class.  The student may choose a date(s) to be on a “stand-by list” with the risk of being bumped, or call a few days prior to each course to see if there is space available.

It is in your best interest to make it to your scheduled class as “stand-by” opportunities can be few and far apart.  Stand-by openings occur after wait lists have been called.

If more than three weeks passes before time is made up and the course is completed, the student may need to pay for additional time on the water to successfully pass all practical skills and to insure consistency.

Make up classes do not hold over into future seasons unless the scheduled course is in October.


Classes run rain or shine so dress for the weather!  Always come to class!

The instructor may decide to re-schedule the on-water lesson if the weather is completely miserable or unsafe, only after all classroom and shore-side material has been covered for that day.

BRSS’s Guaranteed wind policy:

We are confident that no other school would ever make this promise, but we at BRSS will not waste your time and money drifting around for no reason.

At BRSS, we “guarantee” wind by covering classroom and non-wind dependent skills whenever the wind is less than 6 knots.  If it is time to sail and mother nature is not cooperating, we will re-schedule your on-water session for a windier day!  This applies to ASA 101 & 103 only.  ASA 104, 105 LIVE, and 106 run whether there is wind or not to reflect real charter/navigation conditions.


There is NO guarantee of getting a specific instructor from our staff, although we can try and accommodate as much as possible.

Minimum/Maximum Course Enrollment Policies:

At least two people are needed to run an ASA 1o1, 103, 104, or 106 certification course.  BRSS may choose to cancel a course if this minimum is not met.

At least four people are needed to run an ASA 105 certification course.  BRSS may choose to cancel a course if this minimum is not met.

ASA 104:

Courses with only two students will have a three day course (Either M, T, W or F, S, Su)

Courses with three or four students will have a four day course (Either M, T, W, Th or Th, F, S, Su)

Private Lessons:

Private ASA certification courses are charged at private lesson rates and good for up to three people of your choice if you wish.

Course Completion/Guaranteed Learn to Sail:

Our courses are guaranteed learn to sail.  If you do not pass the practical or written exam, you are invited to re-take a future class for free (when space is available)!

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