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Black Rock Sailing School

Our Fleet

A very comfortable coastal cruiser!
So easy to sail!
Hunter 33
Nice, comfortable interior!
Single-hand, or take up to four crew!
A HUGE cockpit & self tacking jib!
All lines are organized like few other designs!
Relaxing and fun!
Clean and simple!
A performance daysailor!
A HUGE cockpit and a dream to sail!
Fast is fun - and easy too!

We take great pride in the quality of our fleet.  We like the fact that all of our boats are built in this century, most within this decade, and one built this year.  You will be proud to sail aboard our boats.

After decades of cruising and racing aboard hundreds of types of boats, we have sought out specific boats that are impossible to capsize, are extremely stable and maneuverable, safe, comfortable, fast, and a blast to sail. All of our boats have exceptional wind ranges, making them really fun to sail in light air - yet stable and "stiff" when the breeze picks up.  They are all modern designs that sail quite well and are very easy to sail.

We are building a fleet of day sailors and coastal cruisers that we know our members and students will enjoy. We have ended up with boats that only the top sailing schools in the country use, as well as the US Naval Academy, the US Coast Guard Academy, and Maine Maritime Academy (where Brenton went to school) - so we are confident in our decisions.

All of our boats are equipped with auxiliary power so that our members can be self sufficient.

The HARBOR 20:

The Harbor 20 is built by WD Shock, out in California.  After Brenton had his nine year old daughter (and the boat's self-tacking jib) sail him around Marblehead harbor years ago while he simply sat back and relaxed, he knew that he would own a few when the right time came.  This boat has been an excellent club boat, and the boat that our 101 graduates get 30 free days of practice aboard.

This design combines relatively traditional lines above water with a sporty underside.  Known as a "gentleman's racer," you will be amazed at how comfortable and spacious the cockpit is, and you will be happy to pass other boats with little effort.  

To this day, the Harbor 20 is the boat that Brenton prefers to take out for an hour or so after work.  He can step aboard, rig, and be sailing in about seven minutes; to later return to the mooring and de-rig within ten minutes.

All running rigging is thoughtfully laid out along the forward edge of the cockpit.  The sails are small and easy to manage - yet powerful enough to quickly get you to wherever you please and/or compete in races.


Steve Colgate, of Offshore Sailing School, has designed this PERFECT commercial grade daysailer for use in sailing schools, sailing clubs, and collegiate racing.

This boat is packed with features that make it extremely safe and comfortable, yet she is quite fast and can out maneuver most others!  Almost every aspect of the boat was designed with a purpose.  It is a moderate sized keelboat that combines the sporty feel and maneuverability of a much smaller boat, with the deck hardware and high stability of a MUCH larger boat.  

This boat performs exceptionally well in a wide wind range from 5 - 35 knots.  It is a dry boat.  It is a comfortable boat.  It is extremely easy to sail, and yet you will pass others with little effort.

As much as Black Rock staff love the newer J/Boats, the Colgate 26 is still the BEST training boat they have ever sailed, and our members love it too!


The Hunter 33 and Hunter 356:

Black Rock started with a Hunter 33 back in 2008 because the design has MANY features that make it an excellent training boat AND club boat for Black Rock.  The Hunter 33 is designed for single or double handed sailing, and has an extremely livable interior that is capable of sleeping six (four in private cabins).  

The Hunter 356 offers a larger interior and more spacious cockpit - making more suitable for long term cruising/charters.

These boats are exceptional coastal cruisers with moderate performance, and high marks on ease of sailing and comfort.

The Beneteau 41 (3-cabin):

We have placed a 2015 Beneteau 41 into CYOA Yacht Charters fleet of charter boats.  This partnership will enable us to greatly increase our Caribbean offerings while having an instant base that is complete with an expert maintenance team and other services.

While boat shopping, the Beneteau 41's sleek lines, performance, and bright airy interior caught our fancy.

This will be our primary teaching boat during the winter, although it will be made available to ASA 104 graduates for bareboating as well!


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