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Black Rock Sailing School

Learn to Sail in Rhode Island

If you are looking for a sailing school in Rhode Island (or even Connecticut!), LOOK NO FURTHER!  No other sailing school in our region will come close to the quality of instruction that Black Rock will provide for you!  Our track record is second to none, and we invite you to continue reading to discover why!

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Location, location, location:  We are thrilled that our second full-service sailing school in Warwick, Rhode Island is attracting folks who live all over New England and areas as far away as California, Canada, and Mexico!  Our multi-media classroom and top-notch marina facilities at Safe Harbor Marina, Cowesett are located in the heart of picturesque Narragansett Bay.  Both Warwick and East Greenwich, RI have extremely active sailing communities, and Black Rock is excited to be able to introduce new sailors to this incredible sailing venue.

Narragansett Bay is renowned for it’s dependable winds, numerous scenic and protected harbors, and relatively light boating traffic. These waters have become a favorite location for our instructors to teach ASA 101 Basic Keelboat, ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising, and ASA 104 Bareboat Charter Certification.  Most of our Adventure Cruising “courses” will be departing from this location as well.

Value:  We are positive that no other sailing school in Rhode Island (or New England for that matter) matches the quality and value that Black Rock Sailing School delivers.  Compare us to other Rhode Island sailing schools and you will find our sailing lessons are second to none:

  • Make sure that you are comparing apples to apples!  Why do some of our competitors charge $100 more for ASA 101 while offering a sub-par product?  Why is their ASA 103 course the same price as ours, even though they pack FOUR students onto their boats – providing less hands-on time per student?  Why is their ASA 104 course the same price as ours, even though their course has one LESS day than ours!?  Why are their ASA 105 courses more expensive than ours, even though their course has one LESS day than ours!?
  • Our ASA 101 Basic Keelboat & ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising courses provide 24 hours of instruction per course.  Most of our competition tries to do the same in 16 to 21 hours per course! One school claims to offer 24 hours of instruction, but doesn’t even have an instructor onboard for most of the third, and MOST valuable day!!
  • We limit our class sizes to three students per instructor/boat!  Most of our competition cram FOUR students into each 101 & 103 class – especially in their ASA 103 levels and above – greatly reducing the hands on experience of each student.
  • No other Rhode Island based sailing school has instructors as experienced as ours!  Only our top three instructors rotate down to Rhode Island throughout the sailing season to teach our three to five day sailing courses.  NO other instructors in Rhode Island have the backgrounds and experience that our staff has!
  • We are a sailing school based on 25 years of teaching experience.  Most of our competition are yacht brokerages and/or charter companies disguised as a sailing schools to sell more boats!  Our reputation for teaching is second to none!!
  • We teach ASA 101 aboard late model Colgate 26s – an award winning, purpose built training boat that is packed with safety and comfort features!  Our competition teaches aboard thirty year old boats that were never intended to be used as training vessels.  AVOID SCHOOLS WHO CLAIM THAT TEACHING 101 ON OLDER, LARGER, HEAVIER, LESS MANEUVERABLE CRUISING BOATS IS SOMEHOW “BETTER” for you!  Their reasons for claiming this are not in YOUR best interest!  Our Colgate 26s will sail circles around their boats when the winds are light-moderate, and by design, will provide superior stability and control in high winds!
  • After completing ASA 101, we provide our graduates up to a 20% discount on our annual sailing club to practice your new skills aboard our two gorgeous Colgate 26s!  After completing ASA 104, you can qualify to join our larger Hunter cruising club.
  • All of our training boats are some of the best in the business!  We currently have two Colgate 26s, one Hunter 36, one Beneteau 46, and one FP Mahe 36 Evolution catamaran  in Warwick, RI, but our club and training fleet will be growing as this location matures.
  • Students and sailing club members enjoy reciprocity between our locations in RI, MA, the Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands!

Convenience:  Unlike our competition, our location is only seven minutes off of I-95, thirty minutes from the Connecticut border, and fifteen minutes from downtown Providence.  Easy in – easy out!  Our location also provides instant access to sailable waters – providing our customers with at least thirty minutes of additional sailing time per day!

TF Green airport is only a few miles north of us, so there are plenty of inexpensive hotels within ten minutes of our marina – or of course, students can sleep aboard our Hunter 36 whenever this option is available.

Our Warwick, RI location has a summer sailing season that runs from the third Friday in April through October 1st, although we frequently extend the season as needed!

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