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Black Rock Sailing School

New England

ASA Certification Course “Vacation Weeks”:

Our New England locations are amazing places to visit!  Book a “vacation week” and earn two ASA sailing certifications while getting 10% off of each course!  You can sleep aboard our larger cruising boats at the dock (if available), or we can suggest places to stay ashore!  This format is available every week between May 1 and October 15th.

Your first course will run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 10am to 6pm.  You will have Thursday off to explore local sites and/or practice sailing aboard our sailing club boats.  Your second course will run Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 10am to 6pm.  If your second course is ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising, your second course will begin at 10am on Thursday (no day off).

All of our ASA certification courses provide approximately a day of overlap to the pre-requisite course, so taking two courses within a week really reinforces key skills before continuing onto more advanced topics/skills.

Be wary of any schools that offer up to three certifications within a week.  These schools are doing a serious disservice to their students by attempting to cram information into a week – or skip most details entirely.

Sailing Vacations (non-certification trips):

We offer “Adventure Cruising” experiences throughout New England each month.  Our expert instructors will be in “coaching mode,” while they help the crew plan their itinerary, provision, and explore.  If you have specific skills that you would like to work on along the way, this is your chance!  Liveaboard one of our larger cruising yachts and visit numerous ports along the way.


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