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Black Rock Sailing School


Sadly, the Caribbean is littered with sailing schools that offer “fast track to cruising” and “instant bareboater” schemes.  These schools attempt to cram three or four certifications into a one week crash course, and these “accelerated” courses do a MAJOR disservice to their students by producing graduates who know just enough to be dangerous.  Shame on them!

Add to this the fact that many of these schools have high student to instructor ratios, teach aboard poorly maintained vessels, and hire random dudes who think it would be cool to sail around the islands “teaching” people how to sail while they visit a girlfriend in every port, and it becomes pretty obvious that you want to do some serious homework before choosing a sailing school in the Caribbean.  What we see day to day while down there, and the stories we hear from graduates of certain schools are quite incredible!

If you are serious about learning how to cruise and/or bareboat charter, we strongly recommend avoiding schools that offer “fast track to cruising” or “instant bareboater” schemes.  Their are a few schools who choose to slow things down in order to teach their students properly (and safely).

We at Black Rock are confident in saying that we are also the Caribbean’s Foremost Sailing School!  We perform more thorough lectures and sailing drills than ANY other school in the Caribbean, aboard some of the nicest training boats available – guaranteed!

We offer NO MORE than two ASA certifications within an eight day period – and our combination courses truly complement each other, reinforcing your knowledge/skills instead of overwhelming them.  We do not cram, skim, or skip critical sections of the curriculum!  Our days are long, but OUR students will fully understand key concepts, feel safer, and be better prepared.  OUR students will master more practical skills, and become much better sailors by taking the time to learn the proper way.

We specialize in monohull and multihull cruising and bareboat charter courses!  We offer ASA 101/103 & ASA 103/104 combination courses over an eight day period, and ASA 104 or 104/114 courses over a seven day period – and our results will blow ANY “fast track” school away!

View course descriptions and contact us for availability November through April!


2017/2018 Caribbean PRICING:  

Captained charters with casual instruction = $2,999.00 p/p (a seven day trip)

Single ASA certification courses (i.e. just a 101, 0r 103, 0r 104) = $2,999.00 p/p (a seven day trip)

ASA 101/103 combo courses = $3,299.00 p/p (an eight day trip)

ASA 103/104 combo courses = $3,299.00 p/p (an eight day trip)

ASA 104/114 combo courses = $4,299.00 p/p (a seven day trip, takes into account the higher cost of catamaran charter)

Usually, we have three or four students per week.  Our training days start around 8:30 – 9am and run to 6 – 6:30pm (or longer depending on if we stop to snorkel/hike along the way!).

Pricing includes all ASA certification courses, ASA certifications, breakfasts, lunches, at least two dinners aboard, all snacks and non-alcoholic hydration, charter fees, customs and immigration fees (when checking in/out of the BVIs from St. Thomas), and all operating costs (i.e. fuel, water, trash, moorings, up to one night dockage if we choose, etc.).

Pricing does NOT include travel, course books and associated fees (i.e. sales tax and shipping), and “x” amount of dinners ashore at restaurants.

Currently, snorkel gear is included with our charters.

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