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Basic Coastal Cruising Certifications in Boston

This intermediate-level course gets you further out of the harbor. After completing this intensive 3-day course, you will earn ASA (103) Basic Coastal Cruising Certification. This course will provide you with a more advanced knowledge base, teaching you the essential skills you’ll need to safely command a boat up to 40 ft on your own, during daylight hours, and along coastal waters.

We offer more docking experience than most other sailing schools at this level – and we teach you the proper techniques aboard proper coastal cruising boats with INBOARD diesel engines! Again, our award-winning methods will ensure your success – guaranteed!

This course provides 24 hours of instruction, and you will be learning aboard a 33-40 ft cruising sailboat.

After successfully completing this course, you will qualify for our Sailing Club which gives members access to our late model Colgate 26s. You would need to complete ASA 104 to gain access to a larger cruising boat club.

Topics cover preparation, more advanced sail theory, heavy weather sailing maneuvers, crew positions & responsibilities, more advanced mooring/docking/anchoring techniques, basic navigation, boat systems, and troubleshooting, emergencies, weather, tides, rules of the road, and much more.


3 days

The entire sailboat is your floating classroom. Each morning will start with a two-hour lecture taught in the main salon of our cruising boat, followed by a quick lunch break, and then at least five hours of practical boating/sailing.


ASA 101 Certification Complete
To participate in the ASA 103 course, you are required to have completed ASA 101 course.

1:3 Ratio

Only three students per instructor – the best ratio in the industry. If a group of friends or two couples request to enroll together, we will permit a four to one ratio, but usually add an additional day of instruction (at no additional cost) to provide enough hands-on sailing time per person.