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We have always sacrificed growth for high standards, and waiting to hire only the BEST instructor candidates, while keeping our teaching staff small and well versed has been paying great dividends.  Two of our three full-time instructors have consistently earned national recognition from the American Sailing Association.  Considering that there are over two thousand active ASA instructors world-wide, this places our two “ASA Outstanding Instructors” in the top 1.5% of their peers, based on independent customer reviews!

Our full-time staff teach an average of two 3-day courses per week between May and October, and then they continue to develop their teaching skills by teaching sailing in the Virgin Islands and Bahamas all winter long.

Many schools have 10 – 15 instructors who are 1099’ed and only teach one or two classes per month! Instructors need constant practice to stay on top of their game.  Even if their part-time instructors have been ASA certified for ten years, they have most likely only taught the number of classes that our staff teaches in ONE summer!

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