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Don’t just learn how to sail… Become a sailor! Our classes are remarkably small to ensure that you, the student, will get the greatest results. Our classroom lectures are dynamic, and extremely effective, setting the stage for the hours spent out on the water. Check out all of our sailing courses and additional resources below.



Sailing is not only a sport, it is a lifestyle. At BRSS, our clients receive world-class instruction, followed by exciting programs and tools that invigorate them at every level. Murray Davis once wrote about the essence of cruising, “a developing skill, an art that has no finish line, only degrees of competence and endless rewards.” We work closely with our clients as they determine which aspects of sailing provide them with the most fulfillment and then guide them on their journey toward sailing mastery.

While out on the water, we maintain a three to one student to instructor ratio; the smallest class size in the industry. An instructor is on every keelboat, constantly offering feedback and encouragement, answering any questions while teaching you the proper techniques the first time, and accelerating the learning process.

Our proven curriculum is a compilation of some of the world’s best schools’ methods, constantly being updated and refined to keep up with the latest in teaching techniques and concepts. Our courses are rigorous, highly structured, progressive, and a lot of fun. These courses are guaranteed to teach you to sail. We will go out of our way to get you sailing on your own with confidence. And no matter what your level of experience, we can help you get better.

After completing our three-day Basic Keelboat and Basic Coastal Cruising courses, you will earn ASA Certification for these levels and have a solid foundation and essential skills to command a boat up to 40ft on your own. Upon successful completion of these courses, you can join Black Rock Sailing Club, giving you access to our fleet of Colgate 26 performance day sailors.

After completing our four-day liveaboard Bareboat Charter Certification course, you can join Black Rock Cruising Club, giving you access to our Hunter cruising yachts.  After completing ASA 114, you can have access and FP catamarans.

If you complete our performance cruising course, you can use a spinnaker on various club vessels that are equipped with one.