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Boston Unlimited Membership 7 days a week all season • 26 ft Colgate
Boston Weekday Only Membership Monday-Thursday all season • 26 ft Colgate
Warwick RI Unlimited Membership 7 days a week all season • 26 ft Colgate
Warwick RI Weekday Only Membership Monday-Thursday all season • 26 ft Colgate
Warwick RI Catamaran Membership 7 days a week all season • 36ft FP Mahe

Sailing Club Memberships in Boston & Rhode Island


Our small sailing club provides our members with unlimited access to the highest quality sailing club fleet in New England – at a fraction of the cost of ownership! We have a variety of membership options designed to cover a range of budgets and needs, and our members enjoy reciprocity between our Massachusetts and Rhode Island locations.

We only accept late model designs that are modern, fast, and fun – yet safe, extremely comfortable, and impossible to capsize. Our fleet ranges from 26 ft. day sailors to 36ft. coastal cruising and day sailing yachts. Higher-level memberships can include all smaller boat usage too!

Our club is the perfect transition between learning to sail and taking on the responsibility and cost of owning a boat of your own, and is the ideal solution to your busy schedule.

When you join, you split the cost of boating with up to six other members; leaving all of the planning and maintenance worries to us. This enables you to sail a boat that could be more expensive than you might want to own alone, AND allows you to focus your limited free time on what is fun – sailing. Members can invite friends and family along!

How it works:

Choose a location that you intend to sail the most out of – this will be your “home port.”  You can add additional ports for a one-time fee per location (this fee includes a four-hour chart briefing, location orientation, and on-water training session)!

Membership is good for one year from the date of registration and is for our sailing season which runs May 15 through October 1 each year.  In certain instances, we can pro-rate until the end of a particular season, but this is more expensive per month.  Discounts and promotions over 10% are only good when members pay in full by cash or check.

Sales Taxes:

We are required to collect MA and RI sales tax on the membership fee portion and/or charters only. All one-time initiation/training fees and/or additional location orientation fees are non-taxable.

More Info:

Clients new to our program must have ASA or US Sailing Certification, will need to pass a skill assessment, and complete a boat orientation/club policy/training session for EACH location that they wish to sail out of.

Returning members may be required to pay a discounted orientation/re-training fee each year to start the season right, IF they did not get out on the water enough the prior year.

Our sailing club provides members with guaranteed sailing time each month aboard the highest quality sailing club boats in the area. Anyone with ASA or US Sailing Basic Keelboat certification can join. Higher levels of certification expand your sailing range and/or provide larger boat membership access.