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We strongly believe that you do not necessarily need a female instructor to run a women only course. A top-notch instructor with the right personality can teach anyone. With that being said, many women prefer to be amongst other women while learning something new, and we have certainly witnessed occasions where a testosterone-filled student has been “out of line” or performed poorly because he tried to muscle their way through the drill – rather than thinking their way through it.

The beauty of sailing is that it takes more brains than brawn. Finesse, proper planning, and proper timing pay great dividends. The fact is, women make AMAZING sailors and we need more women to get out on the water!


Any of our standard ASA core curriculum courses can be taught in a women only format.

If a group of two or three women approach us, we can create a private women only class! On occasion, if there is a group of four, we will increase the capacity and add a fourth day to the course to allow for enough “tiller time.”

Ladies, grab a friend or two and learn how to sail together! You may also contact us to get on our interest list and we will TRY and match you up with other women who have similar goals.


In the mid-’90s, Brenton helped teach women only sailing weeks in the Caribbean alongside female legends like 7-time Rolex sailor of the year recipient, Betsy Allison, Newport, RI sailor, Martha Parker, and world cruising guru, Pamela Wall – to name a few.

In the late ’90s/early 2000s, three prestigious yacht clubs in western Connecticut outsourced their women’s sailing programs to Brenton at great acclaim.

Since 2008, Black Rock has offered our core ASA curriculum in a women only format. Women experience the same rigorous curriculum and training, but sail with other women in the class! In 2010, one of our ladies groups called their Caribbean course “Princess to Pirate Week.” This group of lifelong friends was probably the most fun Brenton has ever had teaching a class.

In 2012, Brenton was lucky enough to coach an all-female racing crew at the North U Race Week in Captiva Island, FL. The team (and coach) had so much fun and success, that they all returned the following year to win numerous races and placing 4th overall out of a twelve boat fleet!

In 2015, Black Rock Sailing School became a huge supporter of the National Women’s Sailing Conference in Marblehead, MA. – offering training boats and sponsorship to better promote women’s sailing in our region.
Rolling Rock Sailing School

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“You and Black Rock have changed my life – and especially my sense of self!  You are an extraordinary teacher, and our days at sea were exhilarating!”  CH, Boston, MA

“Life comes with expectations, dreams, anticipation – and then you have reality. This time, the reality outdid ALL of the expectations and I am better prepared to take on my dreams. Whoa! Thank you for all that you are and all that you brought to my life!”  AM, Boston, MA

“I have learned more about sailing in three days, than I have in a decade sailing with my husband!”  KB, Arlington, MA

“We had an amazing experience in our 101 class! We learned so much, covered all the knowledge gaps that were there, and so much more.  An immersive, expansive, experience.  Sincere thanks!” MR, Boston, MA